i only happy when it rains

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Lee Hyun Wook + Fashion | My Lovely Girl ep. 01


She’s so Lovable (My Lovely Girl) Episode 1

I have mixed feelings about this drama. There are certain things that annoyed me for instance the accident scene.

You have to be the worst driver… no, the absolute worst driver to create such a mega accident by slipping on sand that no one would slip on since it was a little sand on the road.

Why the dog? The innocent adorable thing is too much. Kill of the woman. She thinks she’s special. You know him for 12 years? Well, he don’t care and me don’t care.

I like that he found out at the end of episode 1, but how did the detective know she switched names?

This drama looks promising.


LOL every fangirl’s wish.

Chef Lee Hyun Wook | My Lovely Girl  ep. 01

A Gifset of Rain being a gentleman as he is and taking care his cast mates @ My Lovely Girl Press Conference [15.09.2014]