i only happy when it rains



 We don’t know why this wasn’t a public event.

OMG, this is the actual rain baptism tbh. *i so can imagine this*




Rain & JYP are forever together


"I have lots of cuts on my body. When I was doing a stunt, even though everyone took care of me, I still got hurt a lot."


"slight different trans.. A few sentences leaves out of Elsie’s trans. so I modify her trans a little bit… I think. Even though Rain is in the best place, he is always humble and make a lot of effort. he even does his best all the time. so I really like him. That’s because of not only his good looks but also his good personality.

RAIN @29rain · 4시간 안녕하세요… 무더운 여름 건강은 어떠신지요? 곧 제가 참여한 THE PRINCE 가 먼저 미국에서 개봉하게 되었습니다 처음으로 섹시하고 악한킬러역에 도전해봤습니다 작은배역이지만 겸손한 마음으로 최선을 다했습니다

Hi. How are you doing all in this hot summer? The movie will be released in US first. My first time to act sexy and bad killer. Even though my part in the movie was not that big, I did my best with a humble mind(with humility)

RAIN @29rain 4시간 앞으로도 영화의 scene stealer 가될수있도록 배역에 상관없이 최선을 다하는 배우가되겠습니다 많은관심 부탁드립니다 고맙습니다

I will do my best to be the scene stealer regardless the character. Please, pay a lot attention. Thank you”

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