i only happy when it rains
roxolanna: Oh how nice babe! can you please make some gifs from this glorious perf? youtu(.)be/JLjQBiIf_Q8I know the quality is not ideal but some frames are good enough to make gifs of it. Like from 1:46 to 2:46 His thighs and his butt there.. omg I’m a pervert ahahaha

no need to be ashamed that we like his thighs and butt (if not the most) lmao. i’ll see what i can do about it… :)

9 hours ago   / , roxolanna

I’m so bored guys… ask me to do some gifs or anything please….

hahayeahbbcfollowme: ksjdfsdkfdsjfdshfdgk your tumblr is like heaven



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I helped you guys a lot, but you need to learn how to do things yourselves and think for yourselves. I’ll leave when you are capable of doing that.
- Bi Rain (said by Seungho)


hands porn